God Hates Abortionist

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God Hates Abortionist

Does God hate?

Are there people or things that the Creator of the Universe hates?

The answer is yes.

God DOES hate.

But who or what does God hate?  That is the question we often don’t want to know the answer to, but the fact of the matter is that there are people and things that God hates.  I know what you are thinking, “But Shawn, I thought you believed in Universal Reconciliation and that God loves everyone.”  I do.  That hasn’t changed.  I still believe that God will reconcile the WHOLE world.

But………..there is NO escaping the fact that the Bible teaches us that there are things, and people that God hates.  Can the two be reconciled?  Can God both love and hate something?  Well, yes.  He can.  We do.  I have seen it in the lives of parents and their children.  I have seen parents who absolutely hate the things their children are doing that is destroying their lives, yet love them in the midst of it.  I have also seen parents who hate the person that their children have become (drug dealers, murderers, etc.) and yet still love their children.

God does hate.

But who or what does He hate?

There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.  

Proverbs 6:16-19


For you are not a God who delights in wickedness; evil may not dwell with you.  The boastful shall not stand before your eyes; you hate all evildoers.  You destroy those who speak lies; the LORD hates the bloodthirsty and deceitful man.  

Psalm 5:4-6

That’s pretty clear.

God hates.

But there is one particular group of people that I want to key in on with this post that God hates;

God hates the bloodthirsty and those that shed innocent blood.

There is NO DOUBT today that those involved in Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, are men and women who shed innocent blood, have hearts that device wicked plans, lie, and have feet that run to evil.  Planned Parenthood and their abortion doctors daily murder more people than that died on Sept. 11, 2001.  EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!


I am not joking here.

God HATES abortionist, Planned Parenthood workers, and those who daily shed innocent blood.

His anger BURNS toward them!!  His heart is broken for them and because of them!!

Our culture today loves to talk about God’s love, grace, kindness, and how you can have “Your Best Life Now,” but we run when we hear someone speak on His anger, judgement, and wrath.

But God’s hate, God’s anger, and God’s wrath are GOOD things!!  They are evidences of His MERCY!!  His passion for people.  If God didn’t hate death, murder, rape, injustice etc. would we really want to worship Him?  Would you worship a God who didn’t deal with those who commit acts of unspeakable evil?

What About God Forgiving His Enemies?

Does God forgive His enemies?


The Scripture speaks of this fact in Romans 5:8;

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

God Himself commands us to forgive those that sin against us.  However, forgiveness doesn’t change the fact that God hates what people are doing or the people they have become.  If a father had a son who was a murdering, sex trafficking, drug dealing, pimp we would be appalled if that father didn’t hate his son’s actions and the man he had become.  The father can still love the son in the midst of his hate for what he does and has become.

The same is true for God our Father.

God hates many people today!!

He HATES what they have become, He HATES what they are doing, and He HATES the fact that they reject Him and the Life He wants to give them.

Hate is not evil.  It can be of course but the Bible speaks often of God’s “righteous” anger toward sin, evil, and wickedness.  While this idea is not popular today it is a fact.  God HATES those who do evil, those who practice wickedness, those that shed innocent blood, those that lie, those that sow discord among the brethren, etc.

There IS Hope

There is HOPE!!

While the Bible speaks of God’s anger, wrath, and judgement, it also speaks of His love that endures forever, His mercy that is new every morning, and that He is slow to anger.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,for his love endures forever.

Psalm 136:1


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;[a] his mercies never come to an end; 23 they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23


The LORD is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

Psalm 145:8

While God’s anger may be kindled toward Planned Parenthood and those that support it’s murderous ways, our God is merciful.  He LONGS to see sinners come to repentance!!

The Hope of the Planned Parenthood Abortionist, the leaders of this nation who support abortion, and even those who have had abortions is Jesus Christ.  That’s it PERIOD!!  Jesus is the HOPE of the world.

What Must Be Done?

What must be done for the Planned Parenthood abortionist and those that have supported this genocide?  The same thing that Paul told the jailer on the night that God opened the prison doors for them:

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

Acts 16:31

Those who have murdered and slaughtered millions and millions of innocent children must repent, turn from their wicked ways, and seek the forgiveness that is only found in Christ.

God’s grace is extended to all who turn from their wickedness.  That is what repentance is…….a turning.  A changing of ones mind toward the right way of thinking and living.  To live by and through the indwelling Christ.

Does God Hate?


However, His anger lasts for but a moment, but His love endures forever!!

No matter where one stands on God’s anger, wrath, judgement, etc. we can ALL agree that what our nation is doing in allowing an organization like Planned Parenthood to exist, is wicked and evil and it needs to STOP!!

God HATES what is going on there and we should too!!

It is time that ALL of God’s people seek His face for revival in this nation.  We need to repent of our own sin, seek His forgiveness, and ask that He heal our land.  We should pray for those who run, work, or go to Planned Parenthood clinics, we should pray for our leaders eyes to be opened to the horrors of America’s genocide, and we should love and serve those who commit such atrocities without compromising the righteous standards of God our Father.

We can end abortion in America.

We just have to do something about it.

Until next time.

Much love,


Ep. 1: Things To Come

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Episode 1 of the video blogging side of The Podcast Pastor.  In this video I welcome everyone and share some cool things to come in future videos, blogs, and Google Hangouts.


Until next time.

Much love,


3 Things The Evangelical Church In America Needs Right Now

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3 Things The Evangelical Church In America Needs Right Now

I am an Evangelical.

Whether I like it or not doesn’t matter, it is where God has sovereignly placed me, and has been the predominate influence of my Christian experience.  By no means I am saying that as a bad thing, but as a statement showing that I have spent a majority of my Christian experience within the realm of Evangelicalism, and feel that I can identify some areas where we need some work.  The facts are grim.  The state of the church in America is not good.  Every year 1 million people leave the institutional church to never return.  While some of them move on to home church gathers, organic churches, para-church organizations, and other expressions of the church, many others leave and disconnect from the Body of Christ completely, never to return.

That my friends is NOT good!!

The Church in America is in trouble!!  

But what can be done?

While many churches are working up new programs, and thinking of new ways to attract more people to their churches, my thoughts are a little more simple.  The things that attract people to the church shouldn’t be our music, our building, or whether we have a cool coffee bar in our foyer.  It should be Jesus.  Pure and Simple.  It has been and always will be about Jesus.  The problems we are seeing in the church right now are because we have focused on everything except Jesus.

With that said I wanted to list the 3 Things The Evangelical Church In America Needs Right Now.

3 Things The Evangelical Church In America Needs Right Now


1.)  Authentic Community 

3 Things The Evangelical Church In America Needs Right Now

One of the things I loved the most about Bible College was the community life we shared.  I attended a small Bible College in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Hot Springs, Arkansas that was more a 2 year spiritual bootcamp than a college, but the way the program was set up we as students spent 99% of our time together.  Whether that was in class, our dorms, eating, or in recreation.  Our lives were wrapped up in one another.  Sure there were disagreements and fights, but there were also times of great joy, fun, and fellowship.

I can honestly say that some of my absolute favorite times in life, were around the dorm’s kitchen table talking, debating, and arguing about what we were learning in class.  It is a time I look back on fondly and miss terribly.  Personally, I believe that this is one of the biggest things missing in American Evangelicalism right now.  We don’t know one another, so thus we cannot love one another.  Sure, we see each other in passing, and say hi at the grocery store, but we don’t know each other!!  Our lives are not intertwined.

We within the Evangelical movement need to get serious about community.  Real authentic community.  That means we will get into the down and dirty of each others lives.  We will see and be seen in the light of who we really are.  We did this in college.  We knew each other struggles.  We saw each others sinfulness.  We saw each other for who we really were.

Want to know what?

I am STILL friends with many of those people today.  Some of them I am extremely close to.

We need this in the church today!!

Until we get past the pleasantries and into the crux of real life with one another, we will NOT walk in the intimacy and power of the Life of Christ.  The Book of Acts shows us that the Christian life was created to be done WITHIN community.  Not Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services.

God is calling us to get in the daily drudgery of life with one another and walk it out together.


2.)  Smaller Buildings/No Buildings = More Provision

3 Things The Evangelical Church In America Needs Right Now

It’s time to end the megachurch movement.

Yeah, I said it, but let’s think about this for a moment; why are we okay with churches spending millions and millions of dollars on bigger buildings, high tech video and audio equipment, and pieces of property when there are people and families within the congregation who need a new car, a light bill paid, or even groceries bought for them?

You might say, “Well, Shawn that is what the church pantry is for, or what the church food bank is for.”

Sorry friend.

That is what the CHURCH is for!!

Spending millions and millions on buildings, equipment, etc. isn’t advancing the Gospel, it’s building out little kingdoms.  It’s time we either got smaller buildings, or got rid of buildings altogether and began connecting in smaller venues.  The megachurch movement has hampered the churches ability to really comment.  Herding members in and out like cattle does little for community and a lot for isolationism.  It’s time to sell our buildings and invest in REAL discipleship done in community.

Selling our buildings will open the door for money to be spent the way God intended within the Body of the church.


3.)  Better, Bold Biblical Preaching.

3 Things The Evangelical Church In America Needs Right Now

The pulpit is not the place for a motivational speech.  Sure, encouraging words and sermons can be preached but what is being preached in many Evangelical churches in America today are nothing but motivational speeches with a few Scriptures thrown in.  Our fear of offending someone has regulated many pastors to grab their sermon materials from Zig Ziggler or Jim Rohn books.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Zig Ziggler and Jim Rohn, but America doesn’t need pastor’s preaching from the latest motivational book, we need pastors preaching from God’s Word!!

That is why I have always liked Mark Driscoll.

He preaches REAL Bible based material.  Sure, there are others out there doing it too, but they are few and far between.  The need for BOLD and BETTER preaching is evident in the fact that in a recent survey many of those questioned (1 out of 5) didn’t believe Jesus was God in the Flesh.


Because we have made less of Jesus in today’s Evangelicalism.

Where are the John Wesley’s, George Whitfield’s, DL Moody’s, and Charles Finny’s of our day?  Where are the men and women that will preach with a fire from heaven that burns ONLY for Jesus?  Where are the preachers who fear no man and fear only God?  Where are the preachers that preached so powerfully that people were compelled to make a decision?

May they rise in our generation to proclaim the unmatched beauty of the Risen Christ.


If Evangelicalism is going to make a real difference in the coming decades in America, it will only happen by living and working out the things above.

A lost and hurting world is looking for the church to be the standard bearer.  The question is will we take a stand or shrink back in fear?

What will you do?

Until next time.

Much love,



3 Things I Hate About Growing Older.

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3 Things I Hate About Growing Older.In a few days I will celebrate my 34th birthday, which means that I am one year older and can probably be qualified for “middle age” at this point.  That is scary!!  It seems like yesterday that I was bored out of my mind in 12th grade English class (which I sucked at as you can tell), or flying off to college never to live in my hometown again.  Life has taken me on an amazing ride to places I never thought I would go.  But it has also showed me how hard and difficult it can be.

However, that is not what this post is about.

This post is about growing older, and all the things you never thought about when you were young.  Well, at least three of the things you didn’t think would be an issue not so many years ago.  Because this blog has gotten a ton of traffic over the last couple of weeks concerning some of the heavier issues our culture is facing, I wanted to bring a little bit of levity to the site, because let’s face it, not everything is that serious and the world isn’t ending because something didn’t go the way we thought it should.

So, with that said, here are the 3 Things I Hate About Growing Older:

1.)  Losing hair on my head only to have it grow on my back.

3 Things I Hate About Growing Older.

(Not actually me or Kaitlyn)


What is the deal here?


Is this some kind of sick joke?!?!

I don’t remember having back hair in high school or college.  Heck, I don’t remember having it until about 5 years ago and even that was two small little patches on my upper back.  But now……….now I am growing a freaking forest!!!  Not only that but my hair line on top of my head keeps moving back like it’s in retreat from my forehead or something!!!  NOT COOL GOD!!! NOT COOL AT ALL!!!

Have I mentioned I am only 33 at the time of this writing?  I will be 34 in a few days!!  I thought going bald was reserved for those who were pushing 50!!  How did I join this club and can I please be removed from it immediately?  What’s even worse is that Kaitlyn likes to tease me about it.  Like it’s funny or something!!  NOT COOL!!  I only have ONE hair style (short and spiky and YES THAT IS STILL IN!!) and if I lose my hair, especially on top (the sides seem to be holding on) there will be nothing left to spike!!  WHAT WILL I DO?!?!?!

2.)  Feeling like I have just left the octagon with Brock Lesnar.

3 Things I Hate About Growing Older.

Why does my body feel like it has taking a beating from Brock Lesnar on a regular basis?  Seriously!!  Where did all of these aches and pains come from?  When did picking up my kids become something I needed to be careful of?  What’s scary is that my body snaps, crackles, and pops more than a box of Rice Krispies (some of you young folks won’t get that reference……..Google it.).

Maybe I need to work out a little more and stop eating hamburgers and pizza, but I am pretty sure that a pizza here and there, and a hamburger every now and then isn’t beating me up like an F5 from Brock Lesnar.  Granted, I do need to exercise a little more and probably could drop 10-15 pounds.  But I am not huge, nor am I unhealthy.  I just feel sometimes like my body is constantly recovering from one round with Brock Lesnar.

3.)  Gaining 5 lbs by just looking at cake.

3 Things I Hate About Growing Older.

I am not going to lie.

I LOVE chocolate fudge cake with a BIG glass of ice cold whole milk!!  Yeah, I LOVE IT!!  LOVE IT!!!  Seriously, I might need to stop this post and go grab a piece somewhere!!   Ok, that’s probably not the best idea being that I am writing this in the morning.  Anyway, what happened to the days when I could eat a few pieces of cake in a weeks time and not gain 10 lbs.?  Seriously?  What happened?

I used to be able to down a cake in a week and a half and the scale wouldn’t move an inch, but now if I come within 100 yards of the baking department in the store I put on 5 lbs.  What gives?  Why did God think it was ok to make losing weight harder to do the older we got?  Didn’t He realize that our bodies make weird noises when we walk and get stiff just be sitting in a chair?  Don’t you think He could have been like;

“You know what?  The older they get the harder it is to move, so in order to make up for that I am going to make it so that when they eat cake they LOSE weight!!.”


Not what happened.

Instead, the older we get the harder it is to move, the more our bodies make weird nosies (that our kids laugh at), the stiffer joints get, the more we need back massages, and the easier it is to pack on the pounds.  So, what can we do?  Well, I say enjoy the life you have.  Bumps, bruises, aches, pains, weird nosies and all.  Exercise as you can (cause Lord knows that having 3-4 kids, a full time job, and house work to do, doesn’t give much time to spend 6 hours in the gym), and smile a lot!!


Because one day we all die, life ends, and when we are looking back on the life we lived we will not think about the back hair that needs to be braided, the popping knees and elbows, or the extra 5-10 pounds we couldn’t seem to get off.  We will remember the fun times at the pool, the family vacations, and the relationships that mattered most to us.

So, my friends, my advice to you today?

Enjoy the amazingly beautiful life God has given you and have some cake.  Cause cake makes everyone feel better!!

Until next time.

Much love,


We Have Become Nazi Germany!!!

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We Have Become Nazi Germany!!!


I hope the above flag offends you.  I hope it pisses you off!!  I hope that it makes your blood boil, your heart beat faster, and your eyes water with anger!!  I hope you get so mad at seeing the above flag that you call the police and tell them that I have posted this flag on my blog.  I hope that you rant and rave in the comment section about how horrible I am for having this flag on my site.  I hope you call friends and family and put up a Facebook page demanding I take this flag down.  I hope that you create a petition on WhiteHouse.gov to have this site deleted from the web.  Above everything else I hope that you PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY!!

We Have Become Nazi Germany!!!


We are WORSE than Nazi Germany!!

I knew America was in trouble.  Hell, I have been warning folks for over a decade on how out of control our nation has become.  I have been warning of our growing police/security state.  I have been warning of the surveillance.  I have been warning of our corruption, greed, and growing empire.  I have been warning on how our “leaders” were stripping our Constitutional rights from us little by little.  I have warned of the day when citizens would be attacked, silenced, disappeared, and more by our police state.

And here we are!!


Do you remember studying World War II in school?  Do you remember learning about Hitler and the Nazi Party?  Do you remember learning about the concentration camps, the rounding up of German citizens, the stripping of basic human rights, and the subsequent mass murder of over 11 million people?




Over the last two decades we have seen the rise of the police state, the militarization of local police forces, surveillance of citizens, intimidation of citizens by the government, the stripping of basic human rights like free speech, freedom to assemble, the right to bear arms, and more, as well as the MASS MURDER of over 50 million people since 1973!!!

Folks, we live in a nation that just reported this week that Planned Parenthood is murdering babies and selling the body parts FOR PROFIT!!!!


Sure, this has been going on since the legalization of abortion by the government, but the facts are that not only is abortion a major issue in our nation, but so is the ever expanding role of government in the lives of the people, the forced used by the government upon the people, and the complete and total stripping of Constitutional rights by said government.


Everyday I see more and more encroachment by the government upon the rights and liberties of the people.  Everyday I see stories of police brutality, warrantless invasion of property, and government officials intimidating, attacking, and killing INNOCENT citizens.  Everyday I see people celebrating the annihilation of our basic, God-given, Constitutional, human rights.  Everyday I see ignorant citizens celebrate a government, and it’s leaders, as heroes who are killing innocent citizens, imprisoning innocent citizens, intimidating citizens, waging war against citizens, stealing property, kidnapping children, and more.


This is NOT the America our Founder’s believed in, fought for, and shed their blood for.  This is NOT the America our soldiers have fought for.  This is NOT the America you will want to raise children in!!

Am I ranting?



There come’s a time in our lives when we are called to action.  That time has come for my family and I.  After spending years working to try to change things by informing those around me, I have come to believe that the best course of action is just that, ACTION.

As a follower of Jesus I believe that His greatest gift to us is Freedom.  Even the great Paul the Apostle said:

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”  Galatians 5:1

With that said I am DONE playing games with what is going on in our nation.  I am DONE playing the politically correct game of not offending.  I am DONE watching as the nation God has sent me to descends into tyranny.  I REFUSE to be someone who just let it happen!!  I refuse to let the government and it’s leaders destroy the freedoms and liberties of the people.  Even if the people are too stupid to understand what is happening!!

I REFUSE to let freedom die!!  I REFUSE to be enslaved!!

This fire has been growing in me for a long time now, and the time has come to let it out.

You can bet your paycheck that I will be covering every topic I possibly can on what is happening in America, and within the American church.  I will not hold back.  This is not a time to shrink back.  In the words of Thomas Paine:

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

There is MUCH ground to cover.

This struggle isn’t with flesh and blood, but the ideals, values, and principles that will determine the future, direction, and condition of the country we will leave our children.

I for one REFUSE to leave one ruled by tyranny.

I hope you do too!!

Until next time.

Fight the Good Fight,




The Gay Elephant In The Room

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The Gay Elephant In The RoomSince my post, “How Christians Should Respond To The Legalization Of Gay Marriage” went MEGA viral, I have had TONS of people ask me my position on gay marriage and whether or not homosexuality is a sin.  Let me be clear that this is a sensitive subject right now in our culture and one that I do not take lightly.  As a matter of fact this topic has been a topic OFTEN discussed between Kaitlyn (my wife) and myself on a regular basis since the Supreme Court’s ruling.  Those discussions have been marked with many tears as we seek to find not only the heart of Christ in the matter, but also the correct way to move forward.

I want everyone to know that I am not going to pick on homosexuals with this post.  I am not here to condemn, alienate, or act as the Holy Spirit in this matter.  I am simply a follower of Christ who wants to see as many people as possible come to know the life-giving freedom that is found in Jesus.  My heart isn’t to fight, argue, or demand my way.  It is simply to state my position on the matter after MUCH (and continued research) so I can move forward in advancing the Gospel.  Some will agree.  Some won’t.  However, either way I am not too concerned, because I am not here to please conservatives, liberals, supporters of gay marriage, or non-supporters of gay marriage.  I am here to LOVE, SERVE, and REPRESENT Jesus Christ as an Ambassador of HIS Kingdom.

With that said let us move forward.

What is my position on homosexuality?  Is it a sin or not?

This question is not as easily answered as many like to pretend it is, because it brings up more questions like “Are homosexuals born gay?”  “Can homosexuals change their “orientation?”  Among many others.  However, after much research, and years of wrestling with the text of scripture, it’s topic in Christian history, and the original language of both Old and New Testaments, I just cannot find any Biblical support for homosexuality being anything other than a sin.  I just can’t find it.  I want to.  But I can’t.  It’s not there.

In this regards I fall on the conservative interpretation side of the matter.  That is not to say I am done studying the matter, because I am not, nor does it mean I am a bigot who hates gay people.  That’s absurd.  I am simple a fellow follower of Jesus who wants to help EVERYONE gay or straight know Christ.

I will say that the Church has largely FAILED the gay community in regards to this topic.  Instead of loving and serving them, we have used the force of government to oppress and condemn them.  We will now reap what we have sown.  We have made the gay community to feel as if they are less than human.  We have made the gay community feel that Jesus doesn’t love them.  We have persecuted, lied about, and ostracized the gay community all in the name of everything OTHER than the LOVE and HOPE of Jesus Christ.


It is wrong, sinful, and ungodly!!

To my friends in the gay community,

I do not hate you.  Not at all.  I love you.  I want to see Christ shine in you.  I am not here to condemn or even talk about sin (because I have a TON of my own).  I am here to stand beside you in your journey toward Christ (if that is where you are wanting to go).  I am not God the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit so I cannot condemn you, nor am I commanded to do so.  

I am simply commanded to love ALL people.  Straight and Gay, Black, and White, Male and Female, Jew and Gentile.  

That’s it.  I am commanded to love my neighbor as myself and you are my neighbor.  That means I am here for you.  A shoulder to cry on, a hand to help, an ear to listen, and a heart to love.  No conditions.  No demand.  Just love.  

Trust me.  I don’t have time to deal with everyone else’s sin.  I have my own I am working on.  I would much rather come together in seeking Christ and allow Him to work out the things in our lives that HE (and ONLY HE) thinks need to be removed, changed, or transformed.  

I believe that if everyone (ESPECIALLY Christians) sought after Jesus a little bit more, we might actually see that it is HE who works in the hearts and lives of people to bring them to Himself.  Not laws, rules, demands, or things like that.

I know we might not agree on things but that is okay.  My wife disagrees with me all the time and we still hopelessly love each other!!  I think we can do that too, if you are willing.  I can understand if you are cautious.  I would be too if I were treated like you have been treated.  

Just know that I love you.  That’s it.  I just love.  


What is my position on gay marriage?

This one may actually surprise you!!

Personally, I think that the government should have NO say in who can and who cannot get married.  I think the government should be totally OUT of the marriage business.  With that said I am TOTALLY for ANY adult getting married, having civil unions, etc. if they can find a minister to preform the ceremony for them.  Yes, that means gay couples and those crazy dudes like Cody Brown who want more than one wife (when I say crazy, I mean in the sense that I can’t even imagine having to balance my life with another woman besides my wife now.  My life is insanely busy as it is.)

While I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, I know other people don’t believe that.  I also know that other cultures define it differently.  Some cultures allow for many wives, young wives, multiple men and women in the same marriage, etc.  My stand is the traditional stand, but I am not concerned nor harmed by others getting married.  There is NOT ONE gay marriage, plural marriage, or heterosexual marriage that in any way deals with, harms, or affects my relationship with my wife.  Unless I am committing an affair or something like that (which I am not).

So, to my friends in the gay community.

If you want to get married, feel free to find you a minster, pastor, priest, etc. and jump in!!  My only concern is that you do NOT force others who disagree with you to perform the ceremony.  Why?  Well, didn’t you hate it when you were forced not to get married by others?  Why sow seeds that you will reap?  Learn from the mistakes of conservative Christians in this country.

There is a way forward for all of us.  A way of love and peace, even when we may disagree.

I am pretty libertarian in many of my views, and believe that the best way for people to live their lives is how they want to live them.  I can encourage, inspire, and hope that they will change, if I think their live is in trouble or misguided, but I cannot make them change or agree with me, nor will I use the force of government to get my way.  I will fellowship with them in the hope that the way of Life and Peace will be found by ALL of us.

So, will you see me yell and scream about how I think you are going to hell?  No.  Will you hear me preaching on how I think gay marriage will destroy marriage as we know it, and bring the wrath of God to America?  No.  However, you might see me at the gay pride parade hugging folks, loving on folks, and praying with those in need of a touch from Jesus.  You might see me helping the homeless gay teen find a place to stay, and you might just find me crying with my friends in the gay community who are hurting.


Because of Jesus.

It has been and always will be about Jesus.

Until next time.

Much love,



What Is God’s Will For My Life? {The Answer Is Inside}

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What Is God's Will For My Life?  {The Answer Is Inside}

It is a question that has been asked by every follower of Jesus since the beginning of the Church.

What is God’s Will for my Life?

It’s a good question to ask, and for the most part has been a hard one to answer.

Growing up in the church I heard sermon after sermon about finding God’s will for my life, and pursuing that above anything else.  It was a constant drumbeat that found it’s way in every sermon, song, prayer, and quite conversation I was a part of.

But why did it seem that finding God’s will was so hard?

Why was it that God didn’t just make it clear?

I will be honest and say that I had MANY nights of fear and anxiety over whether or not I was walking in God’s will.

Was the Bible College I was attending the right one?


Should I be a Youth Pastor or regular Pastor?


Should I date this girl or that girl?  


It was a never ending cycle of fear, doubt, confusion, and frustration.

But then it happened!!!

I FOUND God’s Will!!

Seriously, I found it!!  Not in a calling, a mission, or any other hyped up spiritual activity that is often sold to us as God’s will.

No, I found it right there in the Scripture:

He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you; But to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.  Micah 6:8 

There it was.

Plain as day!!

God wants me and you to do what is just, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Him.

It’s that simple!!

I know what you might be thinking; “Shawn, it’s not that easy!!  What about the “BIG” things, like where does God want me to go to school?  What degree does He want me to have?  What career should I pick?  Whom should I marry?”

These are all valid questions and to be honest with you I am going to tell you the answer to ALL of them.

Yep!!  Not only can you know God’s Will, but you will also have the answer to the above questions by the end of this blog and I am not even going to ask for ministry donations!!

In American Christianity today we have been told that the “will” of God is usually something like; moving to Africa as missionaries, building an orphanage in India, or working in the inner city.  Those are all good things and for some people they very well may be the will of God………….but not for everyone.

The Church overhypes the Will of God.

In the church today we are sold a bill of goods that goes something like this:

You are called to change the world!!  You are called to work with God in bringing (fill in the blank) to the nations.  God’s will is for you to do (fill in some super spiritual activity).  If you don’t commit to this you will miss the Will of God for your life.

I have NEVER heard a preacher say:  “You know what Shawn, maybe the Will of God for you is to be the best husband and father you can possibly be!!”

You rarely hear a pastor say:  “The Will of God is for you to raise your kids, help your neighbor next to you, and see to it that you faithful live the life of Christ everyday  in the environment you are in.”


Because it doesn’t sell.

The Will of God for most preachers is some super spiritual activity that MOST people will never be able to do, so they live their lives in quite frustration and disappointment thinking they have “missed God.”

It’s a lie friends!!

We read what Micah said of what the Lord requires of us, or what is Will is.  It’s kind of straight forward and boring honestly.  Not in a bad way but in a, “I am not trying to hype this into some kind of ridiculous thing that most will not even be able to do.”

What about going to school, getting married, choosing a career?

What do you want to do?

Think about this for a moment:  Do you really think that God’s Will for every person is to move to Africa, build orphanages, or work in the inner city?

Of course not!!


Because there are other things to do!!

What about things like tending to creation?  What about marriage counseling?  What about having a business that helps support ministry?  etc. etc. etc.

People everyday are asking God to speak to them about His Will and what they should do as a career, whom they should marry, etc. and God is like:

Who do YOU want to marry?


What do YOU want to do in Life? 


What school do YOU want to go to?  

I am not here to say that God may not have a certain school He wants you to go to, or career path, or even person He wants you to marry.

What I AM saying is that IF HE does:



He already has!!

How do you know what God wants from you?

He’s put it inside of you!!

Everything you need to do what God wants for you have been put inside you, and He gives you the liberty to figure out how to make it work.  Does He help?  Of course.  But He isn’t going to demand that you go to one school over the other, or choose this career path over the other, etc.  For some He might direct specifically but for others He may not.

What I DO know is that He wants you to live life!!

He wants you to see needs and meet them with what He has given you and put inside of you.

Are you passionate about animals like my son Graham?  Then find ways to care for them.

Are you passionate about helping marriages last:  Then find ways to council, encourage, instruct, etc.

Are you passionate about the inner city, orphans in Africa, or feeding the hungry in India:  Then find ways to meet those needs through the gifts, talents, and abilities He has given and put inside you!!

What Is God’s Will For My Life?  The Answer Is Inside!!

As in inside of YOU!!

What do you love?

What are you MOST passionate about?

What would you do everyday if you could for free if you didn’t have bills?

What troubles and breaks your heart?

What sets your heart on fire with passion?

All of these questions will help you know and understand God’s “Will” for you and once you figure that out do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him in it!!

What are your thoughts?  Share them below!!

Until next time.

Much love,